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Hi everyone! Welcome to the Eat Like Me blog! I'm Emma- a Nutrition major & kind of a health nut! I'm really into eating healthy & nourishing my body. It amazes me how much food can really affect your life and change the way you feel. I've been into healthy eating since I was a teen and I wanted to share my interest with all of you! I'll admit that I have days when I do not make the best food choices but my goal is to just get back on track and stay healthy as often as I can. Of course, eating healthy doesn't mean I don't get to enjoy my food. There are lots of flavorful, healthy foods & recipes, and even desserts! On this blog I will share with you what I eat, along with recipes & pictures. You could use my blog as a guide to healthy eating, or just for recipes and ideas!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Alexia Rosemary & Garlic Oven Fries (dinner 10.25.10)

Dinner tonight was an easy oven meal! Dontcha just love those? You can just throw everything in the oven and wait for it to cook. No mess, no stress! For my meal I had a baked Perdue Perfect Portion chicken breast, along with Alexia Rosemary & Garlic Oven Fries, and a mixture of peas & lima beans. I seasoned the chicken the same as last time, with Mrs. Dash's Table Blend Seasoning. The fries on the other hand, were a new find. I've tried some of Alexia's other potato products, but I had never tried the fries. I normally don't buy fries because they're so processed that they're basically just empty calories. However on a recent trip to the grocery store, I found Alexia's Olive Oil, Rosemary & Garlic Oven Fries. As always, I checked out the ingredients & nutritional information. To my surprise, I couldn't find anything that was considerably unhealthy. In fact, they weren't bad at all. They are all-natural, and are made with Russet potatoes, oil, herbs & spices, and that's it! Nothing bad and nothing hidden! I also observed that unlike most fries, these fries still have the skin on, so they should still contain some of the vitamins & minerals found in potato skins, and not only the flesh. They tasted okay too. They're not like your typical fry, these taste more like roasted potatoes, and you can definitely taste the spices. Like the name states, they're oven fries, so they're thick, and very "potatoey". I was not super impressed with these oven fries. For my taste they were a little too well seasoned and all the herbs and spices were actually kind of overwhelming and took away from the taste. They were also a bit dry. Next time I'll try spraying them with some natural cooking spray to see if that helps retain some of the moisture so they don't dry out. I'm also more of a "little crispy fry" person, so that could play a role in my opinion as well. Overall, I think these fries are a healthy fry alternative, and a perfect way to treat yourself while still keeping it healthy. Sometimes a plain old baked potato just gets boring! I probably won't buy this flavor again, but now I'm curious to try some of the other kinds of fries Alexia makes.

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