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Hi everyone! Welcome to the Eat Like Me blog! I'm Emma- a Nutrition major & kind of a health nut! I'm really into eating healthy & nourishing my body. It amazes me how much food can really affect your life and change the way you feel. I've been into healthy eating since I was a teen and I wanted to share my interest with all of you! I'll admit that I have days when I do not make the best food choices but my goal is to just get back on track and stay healthy as often as I can. Of course, eating healthy doesn't mean I don't get to enjoy my food. There are lots of flavorful, healthy foods & recipes, and even desserts! On this blog I will share with you what I eat, along with recipes & pictures. You could use my blog as a guide to healthy eating, or just for recipes and ideas!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Amy's Cream of Tomato Soup (dinner 10.14.10)

For a snack this afternoon I had another one of my healthy blueberry bran muffins. I know I ate a lot of carbs today, but I have to use up these muffins because seeing that they're baked goods, they don't last long. I spent a lot of money on them and it'd be a shame if they went to waste. Not to mention that it's not often I get a chance to enjoy them for the reason that I don't usually make the trip to Trader Joe's.
Dinner tonight didn't work out as I intended. I had planned to try a new creamy mushroom and spinach pasta dish that I had thought up. It started out good, but then one by one, things just kept going wrong. I finally just got so frustrated that I dumped the entire thing right out of the pan and into the garbage. Being that I had no backup plan, and didn't want to start all over with another recipe, I had to
resort to a can of soup for dinner. Don't get me wrong, I love soup, but I had wanted to cook a real meal tonight and was hoping to post a new recipe. Ugh! Anyway, I ended up having a can of Amy's Organic Cream of Tomato Soup, with a small pouch of Kashi's TLC Original 7 Grain Crackers, and a string cheese for some extra protein. Although it wasn't what I expected, my dinner was actually quite yummy and did fill me up. So I guess I'll just get over it and try out my recipe again another night.

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