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Hi everyone! Welcome to the Eat Like Me blog! I'm Emma- a Nutrition major & kind of a health nut! I'm really into eating healthy & nourishing my body. It amazes me how much food can really affect your life and change the way you feel. I've been into healthy eating since I was a teen and I wanted to share my interest with all of you! I'll admit that I have days when I do not make the best food choices but my goal is to just get back on track and stay healthy as often as I can. Of course, eating healthy doesn't mean I don't get to enjoy my food. There are lots of flavorful, healthy foods & recipes, and even desserts! On this blog I will share with you what I eat, along with recipes & pictures. You could use my blog as a guide to healthy eating, or just for recipes and ideas!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Amy's California Veggie Burger (dinner 10.5.10)

For a snack this afternoon I had a Stonyfield Organic Strawberry Pomegranate Low-Fat Yogurt and a Deep Chocolate Vitatop. I had a lot going on this afternoon, so I didn't have time to make eggplant cutlets as I had planned. Instead, dinner tonight was very simple. I had a veggie burger, a whole wheat English muffin with butter, and a side of steamed broccoli & Lima beans. It sounds quite boring, but it was actually exciting because I got to try something new. I had an Amy's Kitchen Organic California Veggie Burger, and let's just say I have a new product to add to my long list of favorites. I had picked it up in replace of my usual favorite freezer staple, Dr. Preager's California Veggie Burger, assuming that since they're both "California Burgers" they would taste similar. I was very, very wrong. Amy's version of the California burger was completely different to Dr. Preager's, but not in a bad way. Amy's Burger was more similar to a real burger, in that it had a meat-like texture and didn't taste like a typical veggie burger.
It's described as "a savory blend of grains, organic vegetables, mushrooms, and walnuts." It sure was savory, but it in an odd kind of way. It had a rich, meat-like flavor, unlike any veggie burger I've tried before. Contrary to most other veggie burgers, it doesn't contain any soy, which is part of why the taste is so unique. Instead it has an impressing list of organic ingredients including bulgar wheat, oats, walnuts & lots of veggies. The nutrition is also good, with only 150 calories a burger, and 6g of protein coming from all plant-based sources. Although I enjoyed the burger plain, I'll admit it was a little dry. Next time I'd probably eat it as an actual "burger", maybe on a whole wheat roll with some lettuce, tomato, onion and even hummus!? Anyway, I honestly can't explain how it tasted, all I can say was that I enjoyed it and I think you would too. So next time you're looking for a veggie burger, keep Amy's Organic California Veggie Burger in mind.

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