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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Product Worth Mentioning- Gardein (dinner 9.27.10)

My dinner tonight really hit the spot! For some reason I was craving a nice, warm sweet potato, so that's exactly what I had! I made a baked sweet potato with a little butter, a Gardein Tuscan Breast, and some steamed asparagus. If you've never heard of Gardein products, let me tell you a little more about them. According to their website: Gardein is a line of delicious plant-based foods slow cooked to have the authentic taste and texture of premium lean meat. It’s made from soy, wheat and pea proteins, vegetables and ancient grains (quinoa, amaranth, millet and kamut®). Gardein™ is easy to digest and free of cholesterol, trans and saturated fats. The majority of Gardein™ foods are a good source of fiber and low fat too. Gardein™ is complete protein – containing all the essential amino acids. Gardein™ is also animal and dairy free.
To sum it up, Gardein products, made for vegetarians & vegans, are meat substitutes made from vegetable & grain proteins. As a former vegan, I've tried many different kinds of "fake meats." Some brands taste a lot like meat, while others taste nothing like it. Since I've done an adequate amount of taste testing, I feel obliged to say that Gardein is the best fake meat I've ever tried. It has not only the taste, but also the texture of real meat! What really separates Gardein from other meat "wannabes" is the ingredients. Many times I'll pick up a product from another "fake meat" brand, only to put it back down after reading, or should i say, trying to read, an ingredient list the length of a novel. Half of which I can't even pronounce. Gardein products, on the other hand, have plant-based, recognizable ingredients that are healthy and free of preservatives or artificial colors. Even though I'm not a vegan anymore, I still enjoy Gardein faux meats from time to time. They're healthy & taste great, so why give them up? Besides, too much
meat isn't good for you and its always better to switch things up! Gardein makes a lot of different products ranging from crispy chicken tenders & buffalo wings to bbq pulled shreds & chicken scappolini. With such a variety your bound to find something you'll like! If you've never tried Gardein products, I advise you give them a chance. Even if you've never liked "fake meat" before, you'll probably like this.

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  1. I've not tried this product before... I used to be a Quorn fan...I was brought up as a vege and my Mum has been one for almost 60 years... The availabilty of non-meat products has certainly grown... I felt I lived on a diet of cheese and lentils growing up... and what do you know... I still love them! Thanks for visiting my blog the other day! I'm glad you enjoyed the muffins... always good to hear someone has given them a try! Lx