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Hi everyone! Welcome to the Eat Like Me blog! I'm Emma- a Nutrition major & kind of a health nut! I'm really into eating healthy & nourishing my body. It amazes me how much food can really affect your life and change the way you feel. I've been into healthy eating since I was a teen and I wanted to share my interest with all of you! I'll admit that I have days when I do not make the best food choices but my goal is to just get back on track and stay healthy as often as I can. Of course, eating healthy doesn't mean I don't get to enjoy my food. There are lots of flavorful, healthy foods & recipes, and even desserts! On this blog I will share with you what I eat, along with recipes & pictures. You could use my blog as a guide to healthy eating, or just for recipes and ideas!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Grilled cheese (lunch 9.30.10)

So a week ago I was browsing online & decided to order myself a small George Foreman Grill for the kitchen. I thought it'd make cooking a lot easier & I could try grilling lots of new things. It's small enough to keep on the counter but big enough to cook what I need. Well guess what? It finally came today! Perfect timing since I'm home today and was able to try it out. I was planning on having a sandwich for lunch, so I decided to make myself a grilled cheese. I used two slices of Mathew's All Natural Whole Wheat Bread, 3 slices of reduced fat American cheese, and smeared a small dab of butter on each slice of bread.
I plopped the sandwich on the grill, closed the top, and in less than 5 minutes I had myself a nice warm, gooey grilled cheese sandwich. And let me tell you, it tasted excellent! Best grilled cheese sandwich I've had in a while. I'll definately be having another one soon because it's not only an excuse to use my new "toy" but also have a delicious sandwich. I also cut up some strawberries & pineapple on the side for some fruit. Now I'm going to go finish up my work and then figure out what I can come up with to grill tonight for dinner!

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